Friday, June 29, 2007

Great Life - 3 Keys to Make Your Life Great and Fulfil Your Purpose

I know you want to have a great life and want to fulfil your purpose in life. I also know that this is not the easiest thing for you to do. It takes a lot of work and effort on your part. At times you may even feel like it's not worth it and feel like giving up. Here are 3 keys that will help you along your journey.

1. Educate yourself.

It's easy to overlook the importance of continuing to educate and improve yourself. However, without doing this you are setting yourself up to fail. For you to have a great life and fulfil your purpose you must constantly be growing. The more you grow the more you will be able to accomplish in your life.

2. Understand that you are here for others.

If you think that you are here to just please yourself you will have a miserable life. You were never meant to take, take, and take. Some of the most fulfilling times you will ever have in life are when you are able to give back to others. It's ok to make a great life for you but it's important to help others as well. The more you give the more fulfilled you will be.

3. Plan to be great.

This is one of the most overlooked keys to living a great life and fulfilling your purpose. You must plan to make it so. If you are just hoping that things will fall into place one day you will be waiting forever. Don't let your life dictate where you go. Instead, you tell life where you are going to go and then make it so.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Five Thinking to Pursue Your Success

Human is a creature that needs to rely on his own thought. One of greatest discovery in human mind is that we are the products of our own thinking. We are what we think most of the time. What we say, do or have is the reflection of our inner mind. If we want to see good result in our life, we need to start within our thinking and change it into the way we want first. Once we can master our way of thinking, we can master our destiny.

There are many techniques on being successful, making money, raising good family, keeping good relationships, or maintaining healthy. But all start with this simple way. Doing is thinking. When you want to start doing something, you start thinking first. Your thoughts are the sources of your performance. The good news is you can control it if you practice. Like all other habits, the habit of having positive, fruitful thinking can be formed with continuous discipline.

There are five thoughts you need to implant into your mind in order to be able to succeed in doing what you want. The five thoughts include:

1. Think that you like yourself. You need to like yourself in order to be successful. This is when we like ourselves, our self esteem goes up. You will feel more excited toward what you want. Practice every morning in front of the mirror. You will see that you can not say "I like myself" ten times in front of the mirror without smiling. This is the power of liking oneself. You will have better days and will have more energy when you are positive on yourself.

2. Think that you were born with a purpose. Belief that you are not placed here in this world aimlessly. Although, you may not know your purpose now, it will come. Believe in your inner power which waits to be used. Think of your mission what to become and contribute to this world.

3. Think that you are lucky to be where you are. Acknowledge your luck and feel thankful about it. The feeling of gratitude is one of the most important qualities of every successful and wealthy people. No matter in what situation you are, you are lucky to be there. No matter how much you have, you are lucky to have that. Thank all the sources that make you here in this very moment. Feeling grateful will lead your mind to courage. You will not be scared to explore new opportunity or new ventures. You will not fear of anything if you are in your grateful mode.

4. Think that there is no failure. No real failure will happen unless you quit on doing that. As long as you keep on doing it, the result has not materialized. You have not failed at all. There is no failure but only temporary setback which happens to every body. Do not get what you want from your attempt is part of the learning process. And we are here to learn. We are here to become more than when we were put in this world. Understanding this process is the top quality of the innovators, inventors or achievers. They know that when they start doing something, there is a high chance that they do not have that in their attempts. But they know that if they keep going without being discouraged by the results. They will finally get what they want. And so will you.

5. Think that you will be successful. To have faith in your self is one of the keys to success. You need to know inside that you are something. You need to believe that you will not be less than what you can be. Your potential can be much more with this thinking.

Our thoughts can be what prevent us from achieving our goals. The five strategies in this article can be useful and make you more effective on managing you thoughts.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Top Ten Ways for Women to Live a Healthier and Happier Life Right Now!

1. Drink Tea - Get brewing! Research has shown that drinking green and black tea offers extraordinary health benefits. It can help reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure and protect the skin. Drinking tea is also an easy ritual that helps busy women slow down and savor each moment.

2. Live Whole-heartedly - Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for women. Eliminate the number of "heart bypasses" this year by living whole-heartedly. Decide what you want to put your whole heart into. Make a commitment from your heart rather than what you think you should do to please others.

3. Just smile – Smiling is exercise for your lips. Smiling connects you to a better mood which also helps to connect you with everyone around you.

4. Eat chocolate – Yes, it has finally been proven that chocolate is actually good for the heart. You must limit yourself to dark chocolate and only eat an ounce a day. By controlling the amount you eat you'll get the heart benefit without the guilt of those extra calories.

5. Catch the Joy Virus - Observe others for signs of the Joy virus. Symptoms include spontaneous laughter, inability to criticize others and smiling for no apparent reason. If you catch the Joy virus remember to Pass It On!

6. Keep a Journal – Journaling is not only good for the soul but there is plenty of research that proves that people who journal also have stronger immune systems. So grab a pen or pencil and start writing.

7. Forgive yourself - Holding on to old wounds or grudges only drains the energy for living today. What do you need to do to forgive yourself or someone else? Pick up the phone and call someone. Write that letter. By forgiving yourself and others you free up emotional energy that you can use right now to create a happier future.

8. Lighten Up - Don't take yourself too seriously. Most of the time we take things too personally. Often, it really isn't about us at all. Find ways to bring humor and Joy into every day.

9. Live this day as if it were your last - The next opportunity you have to choose how you will spend your time, ask yourself these three questions: Is this one of my top priorities? Will this add to my cup of life or drain me? Am I saying "yes" freely without resentment and regret?

10. Take life sip by sip - By simplifying your personal and professional life, identifying your values and prioritizing you time, you will discover your own unique recipe for success. In the process you will find more time, energy and abundance for the things that really matter to you.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Greatest Key to Success in Life is to Visualize Your Dream Goals Today!

"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. "- David Frost

It has been said many times that true success follows the willing. But you must be more than just willing when it comes to finding out what the true key to success in life really is. To achieve success, you have to have realistic goals in life that you aspire to on a daily basis. There is a real human desire in each of us that compels us to go faster, deeper and higher when it comes to building boats, airplanes and military weaponry that moves our society along at paces that were never thought possible only a few decades ago.

That real physical urge to excel at building new and better technology should also be tapped into by you so you can also achieve greatness in life. If you really enjoy writing, for instance, you should immediately buy a laptop no matter the cost, and start writing every single day without exception. What this will do is open you up to other ways of making money on-line for one thing, and this will allow you to see that you can actually provide yourself a decent income by doing what you actually love doing.

By really applying your writing skills to your articles that you will be submitting to websites that pay for each article you submit, you will soon start to see how to generate more of an income if you concentrate on using keyword density so that thousands of web surfers will be able to find your quality pieces of work without any problem whatsoever. This will in turn make your name semi-famous in the internet world and you will soon have hundreds of admirers that will subscribe to your writing to ensure that they never miss any articles that you will be publishing in the future.

If you dream constantly of becoming a millionaire within the next ten years, don't let anybody take that dream away from you. Are you aware of the fact that there are now more self-made millionaires in America than at any other time in world history? That statistic merely illuminates the fact that dreams can be achieved by anybody if they focus on taking the right steps to generate every break they need in life to turn their dreams into reality.

If you haven't done so already, you need to pick up a pen and paper and write down your top five dream goals in life right now. If you cannot think of any goals to achieve in the near future, you are just embracing failure. When successful individuals took that first step in achieving real greatness in their lives, every single person was dreaming of their life goals every single hour of their lives. You need to do the exact same thing.

A dream without a deadline is just a wish. The only way to turn that wish into reality is to set up a time frame for reaching your goals which will allow you to formulate a step-by-step plan that you can use like a business plan that a start-up company needs to guarantee future financial earnings. Once you make a commitment to getting published in a magazine in exactly six months from now, for example, you will need to set up a plan to query no less than eight publishers a week regarding a future article that you can write for them immediately.

If you continue to do that for six straight months, odds are that you will have at least two offers from smaller publications that will allow you to achieve this worthy dream goal. After you have been published twice, your next goal should be to see your next two articles be published in more established publications such as Rolling Stone or Newsweek.

Without giving your dreams and aspirations specific deadlines, you are not using that key to success in the proper way. Remember that desire and aspirations are only elements in the equation that will bring you true happiness in your quest for attaining your dreams in life.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Success in Life – 3 Keys to Creating Win-Win Goals

I have never met a successful person that doesn't know how to create and achieve great goals. The odds are that you were never taught how to make win-win goals that would actually set you up for success. There are ways to create goals that are achievable and easier then you think. Here are 3 keys to helping you create win-win goals.

1. Inspirational.

The goals that you set in your life need to be inspirational to you. If you are not inspired by thought of reaching your goal then you won't have any real desire to reach it. Don't set a goal just because you think that is what you should do. Whenever you are inspired to do something you will be excited and motivated to do whatever you need to do to reach it.

2. Specific.

All of the goals that you set need to be very specific. By making your goals specific you will know exactly what you are working for. The more specific your goals are the better. You see, life will give you exactly what you demand of it. If one of your goals is to get a raise then you are leaving a lot of room for interpretation. Instead, be very specific on what type of raise you want, how much you want, and when you want it by.

3. Make achievable steps.

One of the best ways to make a win-win goal is to make sure you break it up into achievable steps. You can get so excited about reaching a goal that you make it so big that when you look at it the next day it overwhelms you. Instead, break your goal down into smaller more achievable steps that are easier for you to do.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Relieve Your Stress with Relaxation

When you feel stressed out, usually one of the best things to do is to give your body and mind some rest and simply take it easy and relax. But relaxation can be different for different people.

For example, watching television is a type of relaxation for some people, although this is not what many professionals will say. They believe that when you watch television, all of the assorted commercials with advertising and loud sounds, etc. produce stress. But if you have a remote and mute all of those, you may actually have a relaxing experience with a good program.

One method of relaxation that you may like is called transcendental meditation. To do this, you basically repeat soothing sounds as you are meditating in order to reach a state of total relaxation.

Another popular method of relaxation that you may opt for is called acupuncture. Known to decrease blood pressure, this technique is practice basically by starting the release of as endorphins or chemical compounds for the brain. These help relax your muscles and ease any panic, pain or anxiety that may be present.

Breathing techniques and exercise can also help you relax. Practice slowing your breathing, taking in long, deep breaths with positive, good thoughts, then exhaling negative, stressful thoughts and feelings with slow breathing outwards. Check with a fitness trainer and your healthcare provider to get into a good exercise routine, too. The healthier the body, the healthier the mind and more relaxed and less stressed out you'll be overall.

Another popular method of relaxation is yoga, somewhat similar to acupuncture. You can practice with or without music, choosing a yoga position and meditating in order to relax and reduce your stress.

Any of several different types of messages can also help your relax and relieve stress. So can biofeedback, a training program with sessions generally about a week apart, and hypnosis, a healthy alternative for people who don't have much of a clue about relaxing, and for those with stress related health problems, and medications prescribed by doctors.

In summary, there are many different relaxation techniques. And these are only some of them. Check into the ones that sound interesting to you and delve into them further with help form your local library and online articles and other resources. Because relaxation can be of great use to you, once you build a technique or two into your lifestyle. So choose wisely, something you think you can do on a regular basis.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Don't Tell Me It Can't Be Done 'Cause I Finished It Yesterday

At the intersection of optimism and failure is resiliency - the ability to bounce back from failure or set backs. Resiliency is a major topic in positive psychology because it is the one trait that can mean the difference between success and failure. We engage resiliency because something did not work out, we failed - a process, a marriage, a trial, a child in school, a science experiment, a product design. Somewhere someone, or something, failed. Carefully crafted hopes are crushed, dreams broken, plans stopped. And then, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin again.

We have to. If we don't, we have unfinished goals, we find ourselves ruminating over the might have beens and what ifs. One of the biggest obstacles people have in learning to become resilient is learning to ignore other people around them who tell them, "Stop, you've tried hard enough" or "You are wasting your time" or "How many times are you going to try this until you see it won't work?"

I keep a saying on my desk: "....yes I said yes I will Yes." - Molly Bloom, Ulysses. It reminds me to keep on going, to start over, to realize that everyone who says it can't be done is in my way and I have to tune them out.

Martin Seligman, PhD is head of the Positive Psychology Center at The University of Pennsylvania and he explains why optimism is good. When asked how can people start shifting from pessimism to optimism, he replied:

Dr. SELIGMAN : I think the way most people start is to find out the costs of being a pessimist. As a pessimist, it's always wet weather in the soul, they don't do as well at work, and they get colds that will last all winter. They find themselves failing in crucial situations and their relationships go sour very easily. So when people have those kinds of hurts, if they can find that there is something useful in positive psychology, that's where people start.

Dr. Seligman is a pessimist he tells us, but as author of the book, Learned Optimism, he has discovered and written about the techniques that keep people resilient, reframing, optimistic and prolific. Dr. Seligman has said that the number of his failures is huge, too many to count. So he doesn't bother - he just starts a new project and on he goes. He is the author of many books, respected academic researcher and stands as testimony to those who said it can't be done. He overcame all the nay sayers who said academia will never accept positive psychology. It was the most popular class at Harvard last year and the research world is spilling over to the therapy arena with the many ways positive psychology works to increase people's optimism and happiness.

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